The Portage family behind the Green Glove Dryer was featured in ABC World News Tonight's 'Made in America' feature.

The segment closed out the newscast on Monday (December 18) with host David Muir showcasing Made in America products and had and had any viewer in Southwest Michigan perk up when the Smoots family from Portage was introduced with their product the Green Glove Dryer. The plastic invention fits over a heat register with the hot air blowdrying wet, snowy gloves.

The product, made in Vicksburg has sold over 30,000 units since it was created.

The background of the Green Glove Dryer is chronicled on the product's website:

Thegreenglovedryer was born out of necessity.  Our enthusiastic, outdoor loving family needing a solution. We were tired of stinky, wet gloves every morning!  Laying them on our vents just didn't work and waisted energy in the dryer didn't do the trick either. The insides were always damp.  After 8 hours of building our first prototype, The Green Glove Dryer was born and has worked flawlessly since day ONE! Our hope is that using our Green Glove Dryer makes your days a lot easier more enjoyable with Warm, Dry Happy Hands!

The Green Glove Dryer is Proudly manufactured in Vicksburg, Michigan at Miniature Custom Manufacturing.

Want one for your home? Here's how to get it and support a made in Michigan product.

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