A contest on the internet- what could go wrong? Korean pranksters voted for green onion Chex and now, Kellogg's is making it.

Can you imagine the Chex mix you could put together with this?

The story begins back in 2004. It was an election year, at least for the promotions team at Kellogg's Korea. (Do you think they call it "the Big Red K over there?) Chekkie and Chaka ran for the coveted President of Chex leadership position. The Takeout tells us, "Chekkie promised that if they won, they would find a way to add even more chocolate to Chocolate Chex, while Chaka promised to imbue the cereal with stinky green onions." You can guess what happened next.

Brush your teeth after breakfast or you'll have onion breath all day.

The plan was, of course, to boost the sales of Chocolate Chex. When the scales tipped in favor of "stinky green onions," Kellogg manipulated the results and rigged the election to make Chekkie the President. Now, after sixteen years, the international cereal maker based in Battle Creek is making good on its promise. Kellogg's Korea will manufacture green onion-flavored Chex cereal.

They say, "don't cry over spilled milk." but what if it is the onions making you tear up?

The Korea Herald got a box and posted a review:

Opening the box of Chex Green Onion sent from Kellogg for review, the scent of green onion hit sharper than expected. However, tasted on its own, the green colored cereal had little green onion taste and was just sweet and salty

Green Onion Chex will be available for a limited time in South Korea and, unfortunately, there are no plans to bring it to America right now.

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