Frakenmuth's classic rock band Greta Van Fleet was just getting on a roll when the pandemic hit. They did Saturday Night Live. They did Lollapalooza. They were getting big. They won a Grammy two years ago.

(Greta Van Fleet via YouTube/Vevo)

Now they're back with a new album, "The Battle at Garden's Gate" which drops Friday. So, if you're on social media, you should be reading a lot about them. They did Kimmel on Wednesday night. There's a nice article in today's New York Post, too.

That story quotes Robert Plant saying very nice things about Greta, and since most people when they first hear the band say Zeppelin is who they sound like, that's a pretty impressive compliment.

"They are Led Zeppelin 1." Plant told a radio station in Edmonton. Talking about lead singer Josh Kiszka, Plant called him  "a beautiful little singer" Then joking, he said of Kiszka, who is a third of his age, "I hate him."

But that 70's influence is obvious, right down to the name of the album and the press interviews, with youngest Kiszka brother, Sam, saying about the new album in Rolling Stone, "We live in a world powered by superficial institutions and this album is a reminder that it’s up to us to sing out of the silence.”. That is straight out of that decade. But since no one else is doing it, welcome aboard.

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