A property that just went for sale in Harrison, MI has a pretty interesting description, but one thing you can't say about it is that they're trying to hide the truth of its condition. The home and land going for $75,000 at 3255 Vanden Tr. features a two-bedroom, one-bathroom cabin and a shed surrounded by a beautiful Michigan woodland area. But the house itself...needs a bit of a makeover.

By that I mean you may have to just tear down the whole thing, but you can make that call. They definitely don't try to hide its condition though...

Peace and Quiet for what feels like miles when you take this two-track trail way back to the beautiful 10 acres! On the property, you will find a 1970 mobile home with no title that has been taken over by raccoons, a shed and a camper for your friends! This is the perfect place to build your dream home, go hunting, or just to escape for some "me time". There is plenty to explore and imagine out here!

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Kingdom of the Racoons

The truth is, this is a sanctuary for the little critters, and tearing down their kingdom may be perceived as an act of war on the racoons.

If the property is THAT important to you, you must be prepared to wage war upon the racoons, who are a formidable foe. You will want to gather the masses and prepare for a battle that may give the one in Lord of the Rings a run for its money.

Or perhaps a peace settling can be established...the choice is yours.

This Harrison, MI Has Been Conquered By Racoons

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