Since we really cannot go anywhere to do anything, have you thought about getting a motorcycle to entertain yourself while practicing social distancing?

I was working in the yard this past Saturday and all I heard all day was the sound of motorcycles out taking a ride. Now I live in the middle of nowhere, but it's an area that attracts several riders.

Don't get me wrong, I was a bit jealous that I was not out on the road but some home landscaping that needed to be done had my full attention...and still does because I am sore as hell.

In my experience riding, I work a lot and sometimes my only time to ride is to and from work, but that is not a bad thing.

I find that driving to and from work can be just as enjoying as taking one long ride on a Saturday and heck, if you have a bike, well you can do both if it fits your schedule.

I can't believe how many times that when I have been riding to and from work that I have caught myself smiling for no other reason than riding my bike makes me happy.

Well if I thought it would make me happy, I thought it might make you happy. So if you ride, I am not telling you anything new, but if you don't, well now you have something to think about.

Riding a motorcycle allows you to social distance from others. You get plenty of fresh air and you don't have do be around large groups of people to enjoy it.

Michigan has a lot of roads to ride on and plenty of places you can see without even getting off your bike.

So if you feel cooped up and have the extra money, you may want to consider two wheels may be the way to go to maintain some joy in your life while being safe at the same time.

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