It's not the same as the old Alamo Drafthouse Cinema downtown, but now you can watch movies you can't see anywhere else at home with a new streaming service.

Remember the Alamo! It's more than a Texan battle cry and a forgotten Johnny Cash song to those of us in Kalamazoo. I had some of the best movie experiences I've ever had downtown at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

First, I loved the rules on talking and texting. I paid to watch a movie, not hear your conversation about something entirely different or your interpretation of what's happening on screen. The food was always excellent with a nice selection of beverages to compliment the meal or snack, and then there's the movies. Sure you could see first-run movies and the latest blockbuster in state-of-the-art surroundings, but what made the Alamo unique was the other choices. I saw a movie that was completely in Italian and got so wrapped up in it that I forgot I was reading less than ten minutes into the film. Nowhere else can you see a two-part live action version of a Japanese anime series. I got to see John, Paul, George, Ringo and Paul's grandfather (he's very clean, you know) larger than life in A Hard Day's Night.

The best thing about the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema experience, though, was getting there before the movie. Instead of slides for furniture stores and trivia about Wilford Brimley's mustache grooming habits while filming Cocoon, you got real entertainment. Sometimes there were vintage commercials, there were cartoons, television talk-show appearances and all sorts of programming that was related to the movie you were there to see. The entire Alamo experience was one you didn't mind paying a fair price for an evening out at the movies- it was a complete affair.

All of this explains why Kalamazoo was heartbroken when the theater announced they were leaving Kalamazoo in April of 2017. Now, you can bring a part of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema home with a new streaming service: Alamo on Demand. The movie selection is incredible and is sure to have something for every cinephile, no matter what your preferred subgenre is. They boast, "Every film on the platform is curated. If a movie is here, an Alamo programmer loves it." So, get yourself some excellent craft beer, a specialty cocktail or your favorite beverage, make a special snack or a themed meal and find a new favorite film. Remember the Alamo.

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