It was announced today that the Alamo Drafthouse is leaving Kalamazoo.  I'll admit I haven't been there as much as I would of liked, but there are a few things I will miss when they leave.

Their Menu

One of the things that excited me when the theater opened in Kalamazoo was the fact that you could get an actual meal there.   You can get food at other theaters but there was something about their menu that I enjoyed.  It is a Multi-course menu which was nice when you actually want to eat a meal.  I also liked that you could still get the regular movie snacks too.


Their No Talking, No Texting ,No Cell Phone Policy

I hear a lot of people complain that it sucks to go to movies because people will talk through out the film.  It's also annoying when someone has their phone ring during the film.   I never had to deal with any of this but I like the fact that this policy is enforced and the theater is known for it.


Their Theme Screenings and Screenings Of Older Films

This is the one thing I wish I would of took advantage of more.   The few times I have had the chance to go to the drafthouse I saw a new release.  I remember back when they did a James Bond month where they would feature a classic Bond film each week.  It would of been cool to see a classic like, "Goldfinger" on the big screen.  I hope I can make it to an older film before they leave town.


I enjoyed the theater and hope whoever ends up taking it over will keep it up for the community.

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