It seems like an endless parade of insects and other creatures in our world to make our lives miserable or worse.  Yes, that's what it's starting to become. What was once looking out to not get bit has become a paranoid walk through the woods.  I don't remember nature being so dangerous when I was a kid.  The last thing we were told to look out for was the deadly Kissing Bug and now more to come.

In an article on, health officials are urging the public to protect themselves from the Black-Legged Tick during late Spring and early Summer.  In other words, NOW!!!  According to the experts at the Health Department, the nymphs are out feeding and looking for human blood and, what's more, unlike other ticks the Black-Legged variety are harder to find on the human body.  So we got that going for us.  As is the case with other ticks, there is the possibility of Lyme Disease.  Check out more information by clicking HERE.


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