As we've seen, Dave Grohl can be quite prolific, and not every song he's ever done has found its way to a record. During the creation of the Sonic Highways documentary, Grohl reunited with his old friend Barrett Jones at the Laundry Room Studios and they let the cameras roll as the producer brought out some past demos Grohl hadn't heard in quite some time. The footage didn't make the documentary series on HBO, but outtakes have been posted in recent months. This latest clip finds Grohl and Jones listening to a pair of songs called "Watered It Down" and "Slackers Password" with mixed responses.

In the video, Grohl reveals he met Jones when he was 14 years old and that they've done a lot of recording together. As Jones brings up "Watered It Down," Grohl has a bit of a sour reaction to the song. "Interesting ... and weird" is how Grohl describes the song after hearing it back, and he puts his hands to his forehead, shading his eyes as he hears a vocal take from late in the track while stifling a chuckle. As Jones plays an isolated vocal that comes off with more of a Fred Schneider from B-52's delivery, the pair burst out with laughter.

The second song sounds more like a keeper, with "Slackers Password" giving Grohl an initial jolt after hearing the opening guitar and drums. The singer doesn't remember the song at first and it takes until the first vocals kick in before he starts to recall the track. Grohl and Jones listen intently to the track, heads nodding along with the beat. Get a closer listen and look at some of Dave Grohl's demo work in the video above.

Meanwhile, Grohl has more music en route the fall as Foo Fighters will release the Concrete and Gold album this September. The band also has a full tour schedule ahead of them. See their dates here.

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