Mr. Rogers always said, "look for the helpers." Kelvin & Co is donating free meals to essential hospital staff in Kalamazoo during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a March 23rd press release, Kelvin & Co Urban BBQ generously announced they will be giving free meals to emergency room staff and doctors at Kalamazoo hospitals.

Nurses, doctors and all other essential staff are putting themselves on the line very day to help combat COVID-19. They are risking their health and their family's health for the wellbeing of the community. We cannot think of a better way to help than by nourishing them.

Owners Mark and Kassidy Nieuwenhuis are celebrating the third anniversary of Kelvin & Co and they have been very involved in the community, recently helping to pay down school lunch debt. If you'd like to help in their efforts to feed critical hospital staff, consider donating to the GoFundMe set up to defray the costs.

Lastly, a reminder that it is worth supporting a business that supports others.grab some urban BBQ to go at their West Main location and tell them "thank you."

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