Like it or not, we live in Michigan, and are subject to some extreme changes in the amount of sunlight we see every year. When you live this far north, the days in the summer are long and warm, while the winter can get cold, and dark.

But fear not, we have crossed the Winter Solstice for this winter, and we now gain more and more daylight by the day.

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December 21st marked the darkest day in the year at the Winter Solstice. Sunrise was JUST before 8 a.m., and sunset came just after 5 p.m. A mere nine hours of sunlight.

But now, we begin gaining sunlight, at a rate of nearly a minute a day for the next month.

By the middle of January, our sunrises will happen about 5 minutes earlier, and we will have almost 30 more minutes of sunlight in the evening. And by mid February, we'll have gained more than an hour of sunlight back.

Michigan Daylight in Michigan
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From there, the amount of sunlight increases until June 21st, when we hit the Summer solstice, where we'll have just over 15 hours of daylight.

BUT, we do still have to weather the rest of winter, and it can be tough with low amounts of sunlight, and some of our coldest days still ahead of us. Seasonal depression can still pop up and hit us at any time, so below are some tips and trips to combat the Winter Blues in Michigan.

Do you have any tips or trips to keep yourself sane and occupied during the winter months?

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