President Joe Biden's visit to Pfizer here was supposed to happen Thursday, but late Wednesday night, the White House announced that due to "weather" concerns it was postponed a day to Friday. But it got me to thinking, while Biden is here, what quick stops should he make and check out. Politicians "pressing the flesh" is about a normal as it is expected, but during a pandemic that isn't going to happen, especially, when the First Lady is a physician, and half the campaign was about Covid safety.

But while Biden is here, there are some places he should at least poke his head into. If the President is here around lunch time, there are some obvious places to stop at, but I would suggest Coney Island downtown. It's Kalamazoo's oldest restaurant, and he's the country's oldest president, and the photo op of the leader of the free world standing in line waiting for two, to go, would be priceless. So, a couple of coney dogs, Mr. President, and don't wimp out. Have them with onions - lots of onions.

Photo: Dave Benson Used by permission.

Now the President seems like a decent guy, and the next logical stop to make would be Presidential Brewing on South Portage Road. Not only is it a short drive from the airport, but the brewery's beers are all part of a presidential theme. So what's more natural than the President stopping off for a quick pint than a Presidential Brewing.

Presidential Brewing on South Portage Road in Portage. (Google Street View)

Since the entourage is already on Portage Road, why not stop at the Air Zoo. The Mars Rover landing is a government project, plus, there's a lot of military aviation history at the Air Zoo, and he's the Commander in Chief. Makes a lot of sense, and he'll have fun, too.

Kalamazoo Air Zoo in Portage (Google Street View)

So, welcome to Portage, Mr. President. Like any good tourist, please spend a lot of money here and then have a safe trip back to the White House.

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