For drivers who frequent U.S. 131, I'm sure you've seen the blank water tower that has been posted up on the west side of U.S.131 just north of I-94. We finally know what will be featured on it now after the Kalamazoo City Commissioners voted Monday, May 20, to approve a license agreement to paint The Kalamazoo Promise logo on a water tank adjacent to U.S. 131, according to MLive.

The Kalamazoo Promise logo will measure approximately 25-feet in diameter and will be painted on the new tank facing U.S. 131, according to the approved agreement. The document shows two different options for the tank, one with a single logo and another option with two logos. I'm all about having the promise up there but it would also be really sweet to have symbols of Kalamazoo's history also featured on the tower. I feel a Gibson Guitar, Bell's Logo, KWings, Henderson Castle, A Plane, and other various logos representing our city would make a nice addition to the tower, but that'll never happen.

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