It's no secret that weather has become more severe not only around the world but also around here.  Now, it doesn't just rain, it seems to absolutely pour to the point where you can't see to drive every time it rains.  When it comes to Winter we haven't really gotten to the point that we are snowed-in or we get no snow.  What we did get was more frequent snow events that required more frequent removal.  There's no reason to think that, even though we might not get more total snowfall we may continue to get more snowy days.

The last thing we need is to go into the Winter season at a disadvantage but it looks like that's exactly what could happen.  According an article on there will be a shortage of road salt this year due to all that was needed last year.  Combine that with the price more than doubling and the salt mines producing less, more roads would be slicker and certainly parking lots and other off-road areas will go without.  Get more information by clicking HERE.

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