If you're like me you've gotten to that point in your life when you've had to give up a lot of things you'd like to eat and drink.  At first, I was like what difference does it make if I shorten my life.  The last year I'll probably be completely incapacitated and before that happens what's my quality of life going to be?  Then the kids have kids and now you want to be around and active as long as possible.  So, what obvious thing should we give up?

According to an article on wzzm13.com, the latest study says you should only have 5 or fewer drinks a week.  Right now I average 4 because i don't drink during the week due to my getting up at "dark:30" and after a couple drinks on Friday and Saturday night I'm falling asleep.  I know, what a puss boy.  Anyway, the researchers found that if you have 5-10 drinks a week you shorten your life by 6 months, 10-20 drinks one to two years and more than that you could lose 4-5 years.  Food, or should I say Drink, for thought.  Get more of the study by clicking HERE.


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