This has gone too far!!!  You may be able to mislabel cookies concerning soy and get away with it but I'll be damned if you're going to try and sneak weed killer in my beer and wine!!!  Alright, now that I've got that off my chest, let's get down to brass tacks and figure out what the hell is going on here.

According to an article on, the U.S. PIRG did a study that found traces of the controversial weed killer "glyphosate" (better know as an ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup) in some popular beer and wine.  The group did say that the amounts themselves are not necessarily dangerous but should certainly be a concern as a health risk despite the fact that the levels fall below EPA standards.  But, hey, we're drinking weed killer even if it's only a little at  a time!  Here is the list of beers and they're levels of weed killer in parts per billion:

  • Tsingtao: 49.7 ppb
  • Coors Light: 31.1 ppb
  • Miller Lite: 29.8 ppb
  • Budweiser: 27 ppb
  • Corona Extra: 25.1 ppb
  • Heineken: 20.9 ppb
  • Guinness Draught: 20.3 ppb
  • Stella Artois: 18.7 ppb
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: 11.8 ppb
  • New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale: 11.2 ppb
  • Sam Adams New England IPA: 11 ppb
  • Samuel Smith Lager (organic): 5.7 ppb
  • Peak IPA (organic): 0 ppb

And here are the wines tested using the same criteria:

  • Sutter Home Merlot: 51.4 ppb
  • Beringer Founders' Estate Moscato: 42.6 ppb
  • Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon: 36.3 ppb
  • Inkarri Malbec (organic): 5.3 ppb
  • Frey Natural White (organic): 4.8 ppb

Get the rest of the article and the full report by clicking HERE.


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