If you like to camp race weekends at Michigan International Speedway there is a change you may enjoy for the upcoming year.

According the story at M-Live, the speedway is removing sections of grandstand off of turn 1 that will become a high end campground.

This new campground will be put in for 2018 and will allow campers to be right up against the track.  Turn one is one of the fastest stretches of the track in Brooklyn.

The new site amenities include hookups, restrooms, game room, a private trackside viewing area and much more.

A few of the remaining seats will become an area of seating that will feature counter tops.

This is an interesting change as it will give those who like to camp another vantage point to view a race and to enjoy the track.   If you've camped out at M.I.S before will you check out this new site?

For more details on the changes for 2018 and the race schedule you can check out Michigan International Speedway.

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