When it comes to decorating for the holiday or finding a shadowbox or a picture frame for your family portraits, Hobby Lobby is one of those stores that gets brought up as the go-to place. But over the years, some of the decisions they’ve made and things they’ve stood for have rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

From the parent company being anti-LGBTQ, apparently not providing birth control coverage for their employees to the Green family illegally obtaining over 11,000 artifacts from the Middle East for the Bible museum in Washington D.C., they haven’t been making very many friends. But there is apparently a new company policy that is pretty much shutting the door on anybody except those who celebrate Christmas.
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Recently, somebody took a screenshot of an email that revealed that Hobby Lobby is apparently no longer, including any Hanukkah merchandise in their store. The email with the alleged customer service representative Retha indicated that:
After careful consideration, the decision has been made to discontinue the sale of certain seasonal markets, which will include Hanukkah merchandise at this time. Making this decision now will allow us the opportunity to refresh some of our core seasonal merchandise. While it is not our intention to replace these items the value of our customers, feedback and suggestions is priceless. We appreciate your understanding during this time of transition.
You can interpret that for what you will, but it seems like Michigan, and indeed all Hobby Lobby stores have made the decision that they are going to just Christmas. A general search of their website for Hanukkah shows no merchandise. So for now, at least it looks as though they will only cater to those who celebrate Christmas.

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