A favorite in every Michigander's heart, the fast food restaurant Hot 'n Now recently had a front row seat to a worldwide event that restores our faith in humanity: Pay It Forward Day.

The website for the global phenomenon, PayItForwardDay.com says,

Pay It Forward Day is a global initiative that exists to make a difference by creating a huge ripple of kindness felt across the world... We believe that small acts, when multiplied by millions of people can literally change the world for the better — and on April 28th we’ll set out to prove it!

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Employees at the last remaining Hot 'n Now in Sturgis, MI got to experience that firsthand when a line of 20 cars participated in the event!

The phenomenon gained popularity when a movie, based on a novel of the same name, was released in 2000 starring Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment. Until then, I had never heard of the concept of Pay It Forward.

Though the idea has died down in popularity, every so often you'll randomly hear about a huge chain of Pay It Forward participants such as the 900 cars that paid it forward at a Minnesota Dairy Queen or the 1000 customer streak at a Connecticut Starbucks.

What makes this Pay It Forward happening so special is that it's at the last remaining Hot 'n Now located in Sturgis, Michigan. Hot 'n Now will forever hold a special place in our hearts and it's so inspiring to see the community coming together at such a cherished location.

Though Pay It Forward Day typically takes place every April 28, you can participate any time of the year- the date is not important! The official website lists some other ways you can Pay It Forward such as:

  • Give blood or organize a life-saving blood drive
  • Donate to a worthwhile cause
  • Get the next person’s groceries, toll, gas etc.

Love, Burgers and Fries, at The Last Hot 'N Now, in Sturgis, Michigan

One happy couple represent the devotion to both each other and to the last Hot 'N Now, in Sturgis, Michigan, where people drive for hours to enjoy the fare.


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