Just recently I passed along the information that Aldi was coming out with a "Wine" Advent calendar just in time for Christmas drinking.  For those who aren't Catholic, the Advent calendar has a different item for each day of December leading up to Christmas.  During my 12 years of Catholic school, the Advent calendars had different chocolates in the little windows of each day.  Then I hear tell of a Jack Daniels Advent calendar.  Now that's taking it up a notch.

Now comes a Harry Potter Advent calendar with figurines from the books & movies filling the daily slots.  Personally, I'd rather have booze or food but if you're a "Potterhead" or you know someone who is, what a great gift for Christmas.  According to simplemost.com, you can pre-order from Game Stop or Entertainment Earth and experts are suggesting you do so if you want one as they predict they'll sell out quickly.  Get all the information including prices by clicking HERE.




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