It's obvious the subject of legal recreational marijuana is intriguing to me as I've been following the story since signatures were being collected to get the proposal on the ballot.  The factor that has been constant long before the process started was: Why aren't we taking advantage of the revenue windfall from marijuana as we do with alcohol?  So many people were already, and have been for a long time, consuming pot so we know the market is there.  The next question is: Will the revenue justify the legalization?

In an article on, 6 weeks into the new year sales of recreational marijuana have topped $10 million which amounts to nearly $2 million a week.  If we just go by that barometer, that would be around $104 million a year give or take.  But lets remember that there are only a handful of retail outlets in the entire state.  I'm not sure how many will exist this time next year but I have a feeling that $2 million might not be out of the question per day.  Get more details by clicking HERE.

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