It's the age-old scenario, the husband goes into the bathroom and disappears for an undetermined amount of time.  He's said to be on the "pot", sitting on the "throne", talking on the big, white phone.  Wait...that's something else.  Anyway, it's a man's way to get away especially if that man is a father and really needs some quit time.  And now even THAT is being taken away from us fellas!!!

I saw this on the website.  A tool that is advertised to "Get your husband off the toilet" called "Toilet Timer" and, believe it or not, it was invented by two men who will definitely have their "man cards" taken away.  Here's how it works... it's based on the old hourglass idea except it looks like a dude on a toilet and I think you can figure out the rest. Is this where we've come America???  A man can't have his last bastion of solitude???  What a bunch of crap!!!  Check out this little wonder by clicking HERE.