You never know just what you'll come across driving down the street in Michigan, but a giant house being lifted off the ground is definitely low on that list. You just can't count anything out and one person in Hudsonville was shocked when she was travelling by Hudsonville High School and saw a two story house being lifted off the ground for what she thought was for the purpose of putting a basement in. But it turns out this wasn't the only house being lifted, for a different reason however.

Some of the locals were caught off guard when she posted the video on Facebook and it created a bit of a stir:

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It turns out that the house wasn't being lifted for a new basement after all, but there were a few people who confirmed it was for a different reason:

I live right down the road, they moved the house to change a road. This house had a basement already. It is cool to see tho lol -Curtis M

The original publisher, Olga Kamila later found out the building is a historic building and they moved it to preserve it because there is a road construction in that area.

This wouldn't be the first time I've ever heard of a house being moved, as back in early 2019 there was a one-story house in Mattawan that was being relocated to Paw Paw and they had to shut roads down to ensure the safety of the move. Personally, I'd be super nervous of it falling off the truck. Not sure if insurance would cover someone DROPPING MY HOUSE.

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You can take a look at the full gallery of the house below. It has a total of 1,588 square feet, resides in the Dalby Campbell Outer Blvd Plats neighborhood, and comes with forced air heating and natural gas and is a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom house. it's located at 10414 Bonita Street in Detroit, Michigan 48224.

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