Ever feel like you're playing a vehicular game of Russian Roulette when you drive Interstate 94 in Van Buren County during the winter? You're right to have that feeling. I-94 in Van Buren has been proven to be the worst winter road in Michigan.

How bad is it really? WOOD-TV took a look with the Michigan Department of Transpiration, and here's what they found:

  • I-94 in Van Buren County sees the "highest amount of crashes per vehicle mile traveled" in the state.
  • Winter Weather: Van Buren has I-94's highest snowfall amount and most freezing rain events.
  • Geography: There's a 150 gain in elevation between Mattawan and Oshtemo, the highest single raise in terrain on I-94 in Michigan. That means weather coming off the lake hits the hill at Mattawan and dumps the cold air and precipitation in Van Buren County.

One commentor on WOOD-TV 8's Facebook page made a good point about MDOT's ability to clear snow from the road:

There used to be a Paw Paw MDOT garage. Closed now. Trucks now have to plow twice as far, thereby cutting in half the amount of total blade time on the middle of the snowbelt highway

Read the entire WOOD-TV 8 report on I-94 in Van Buren County.

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