Seems like every day now, we get news stories about an accident that either hurt somebody, or even killed somebody in and around Kalamazoo. Road conditions aside, drivers around the area have a tendency to push the limits, too, of what safe driving is, and certain roads around town lend themselves to making conditions even worse.

So, the question was raised on our social media, "What are the Most Dangerous Roads in Southwest Michigan?" And you answered.

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Our post on Facebook garnered more than 50 responses from our listeners, and there were a lot of opinions about where the worst roads are in the area.

Now, as with any social media post, you'll get some humorous answers. One of my favorites was from Shauna Kidney.

"All of the 'Paved' ones."

... or Jay Bradford's response...

"You already said it 'Southwest Michigan.'"

And Very Fondren just flat out said ALL of Calhoun County had some of the worst roads in the area.

But we did get some serious answers and some people who were genuinely concerned. Several people commented that the roundabouts - especially those on Sprinkle Road - get dangerous because people don't fully understand how to use them. Add to that, the element of distracted driving, and those sections of road can get pretty precarious.

"Sprinkle Road Roundabout. Like, you can barely text and drive while you're going around it, the way people drive thru there. It's ridiculous!" - David Roth.

Google Maps
Google Maps

But overwhelmingly, people continued to mention three main roads that cause concern to drivers - Gull Road, Sprinkle Road, and I-94.

"I-94 is a death trap, regardless of the season!" - Amy Hendricks

That comment received the most reactions, and subsequent comments confirmed, people are genuinely fearful of hopping on the main interstate through Southwest Michigan. Then, you add the construction element to it, and people's anxiety goes up even more.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In fact, the day we posed the question to our listeners, an accident in Van Buren County going westbound resulted in injuries, and traffic being narrowed down to one lane.

But there was also something to be said about Gull Road and Sprinkle too. Many people mentioned the speed people go on Gull Road, and one person even spoke from personal experience on Sprinkle.

"As a delivery driver in Kalamazoo, I would definitely say Sprinkle Road." - Abbie Patterson

Several people identifying as long-time Kalamazoo residents agreed with Abbie, too.

So what other roads made the list of most dangerous? And where should you maybe slow down just a bit around Southwest Michigan? Check out the gallery below to find out.

The Five Most Dangerous Roads in Kalamazoo

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