I don't need to tell you the Great Lakes are amazing, particularly in the wintertime. From blue ice to ice volcanoes, there's a seemingly never-ending flow of photos and videos showcasing the grandeur of the lakes.

Here's one captured by an employee of WGN/Chicago and shared by weather superstar Tom Skilling showcasing in time-lapse an ice shelf breaking off from the shoreline and into the greater Lake Michigan.

The sheet of ice breaks up and swirls around the tiny harbor. Some wash away in what looks to be a south-southeasterly direction, so any ice that would survive the big lake, would likely meet up with the shoreline, we're guessing somewhere in Northwest Indiana around Gary. We doubt it would make the great crossing over to the Michigan shoreline somewhere around St Joseph or South Haven.

Comments on the video show how special this sight is and that winter is starting its long goodbye:

Amazing. This explains why you shouldn’t walk on ice.

Wow absolutely Amazing

Spring is approaching

it won't be long before i can resume coin diving and magnet fishing by Navy Pier.

Something to show people on the nightly news who think they can "walk out on the ice" and not have a problem. Proof positive that could be a very bad mistake---unless they want to wind up in Indiana !!!

This is so fascinating-so amazing to see what the currents/winds do to the ice.

This is awesome. When I first saw it, I was thinking that it would take days if not weeks for all of that to melt away.

So enjoy the remaining sights of our Great Lakes winter. But if you do get to missing the cold and ice and snow, know that next winter is just around the corner.

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