The freeze/thaw/freeze weather cycle has created a new beauty in the Michigan outdoors.

Sharon VanLoozenoord is an amateur photographer with a real eye for the majesty and awe Michigan weather gives us in all four seasons. Following recent February flooding, Sharon ventured to the swollen shores of the Grand River in Plainfield Township just North of Grand Rapids and discovered a new natural phenomenon: ice skirts. Each of the trees look like they are wearing frozen skirts made of ice crystals every bit as intricate as lace.

After the warm temperatures and flooding, Mother Nature brought back the deep freeze and the freeze/thaw/freeze cycle created collars of ice suspended in the trees. A Michigan Through the Lens! Facebook follower dubbed them "ice skirts." Take a look at Sharon's shots capturing Michigan's newest creation.

Bonus Video: Kalamazoo River at Allegan and Historic Second Street Bridge


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