This time of year, fireworks tents are popping up on seemingly every corner. Promising the best prices, the biggest selection, the loudest booms, they are all competing for your business. But what if the money you spend on fireworks could go to fund a local teen center?

Meet Cory Pyscher, owner and operator of Ignite Wholesale Fireworks. Behind the unassuming demeanor is a man on a mission. For the last few years he's opened his tent for business with the intention of pooling all the profits to create a Youth Center in Comstock where he, his wife, and two children live. "If you give the kids a safe place to go, there's less of a chance of them getting in to trouble," Pyscher humbly stated. "It's going to take several years to raise enough money, like, eight. Maybe ten. But it will be worth it." Worth it, indeed.

Ignite Wholesale Fireworks is located in Kalamazoo on Sprinkle and Lake in the M&M Motorsports parking lot. They're open 9a-9p through July 5th. Help Cory Pyscher and his family meet their goal and show the youth of Comstock your support.

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