I've seen my fair share of gross homes in the past, but this one is literally smokin' with how disgusting the inside is.

You can practically smell what's all over the walls, probably embedded in the sheetrock and carpet. Hell, even the wood paneling has likely absorbed some of what is most definitely DECADES of people smoking inside this home in Indiana!

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From the get go, it's clear this home was going to be a fixer-upper. Even the Zillow Listing says so.

But leave it to those trying to sell the home to still find the positives.

"1,280 sqft home with a 960 sqft basement off the dining room The large front porch and back deck area adds additional room for entertaining! Notice the original details and the Potential!"

The only potential I see with this home right now is giving me second-hand lung cancer from the nicotine paint job on the inside of the home.

I mean, I respect anyone's right to do what they want in the confines of their own home, but like the listing says, it has a "large front porch", and back deck... WHY not use those to smoke on instead of puffin' it up on the inside?

Zillow/Freije Real Estate
Zillow/Freije Real Estate

Just LOOK at the difference in color on the walls!

If ever you could smell through a picture, it's this one, and NOT for good reasons at all.

There's a bunch of other examples in other rooms, too, in the gallery below. It's possible this was an older person's home, and they just were from a different era when doctors still thought smoking was actually healthy for you. 

But judging by these photos... they were VERY wrong.

Kids, if you're reading this, let these photos be a testament to what's ACTUALLY happening to a person's insides when they smoke. Gross. *Shivers*

Look at this Nicotine Soaked Home in Indiana!

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