I've been bowling since I was a kid. Never really claimed to be "elite" or "great," or even "that good" to be honest... but I'm OK. I've had my fair share of 200+ games. I did, once, bowl a Varipapa 300 - which is 12 strikes in a row across two games. But, I guess they don't count those.

So to see what this guy in Indiana did is pretty amazing. Even some of the best bowlers in the world will never achieve what he did. (Watch his final three throws below)

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My dad is a prolific bowler himself. A couple dozen 300s under his belt, he's bowled at the National Tournament nearly every year in his adult life, and at a very young age, he put me into Youth Bowling. It was a great way for us to connect, and have something in common.

I love it, love watching it, love playing it for fun, or for competition. I genuinely love the sport of bowling, and am amazed when someone does something like Bryan Deck did in New Castle.

Deck was at his usual league night, and bowled three perfect games - 300s - resulting, in a 900 series. To put that into perspective, there are HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of bowlers, maybe MILLIONS of bowlers in the country, and countless millions more who have bowled in leagues in their lifetime. Bryan is only the 39th person EVER to bowl a perfect 900 series in the United States.

The Dude approves.


He was the first person ever to roll a 900 in the Rose City Bowl House in New Castle, and that place has been open for 61 years.

An incredible feat man. From one bowler to another, Congratulations. Can I join your team for league next year? I think my handicap can really carry us to big places.

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