J. Gumbo's recently opened on Westnedge Ave on Kalamazoo's south side. See inside the Cajun and Creole themed restaurant and learn 4 secrets you should know before you go.

Secret #1 - You Can Sample Any of The Entrees

Not sure about the taste of one of their entrees like Voodoo Chicken or etouffee, ask for a sample. They have small tasting cups with which they'll offer you a spoonful before you decide on a whole bowl. Particularly on hot and spicy dishes, you might want a little bit before you commit.

Secret #2 - You Can Combine Entrees in One Bowl

Your meal will be served over a couple of scoops of rice. Want to try a few different tastes? For a dollar up-charge, you can combine two different entrees in a single bowl. For two dollars, they'll add a third entree.

Secret #3 - Any Entree Can be Topped With a Combination of 4 Add-Ons Free

As your dish is being created, you'll be asked if you want to add any of these 4 add-ons: shredded cheese, sour cream, chives and jalapenos.

Secret #4 - Try Their Own Hot Sauce

After you get your meal and head over to grab some tableware and napkins, you'll see a few hot sauce options, including their own creation in a clear plastic squeeze bottle.

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