If you know me, then it's clear from the get-to that I can eat, and I LOVE to eat. I'm always looking for a new spot to try around town, in the area, and who's got the best bang for the buck when I walk in the door.

If I'm starving, my go-to is some form of chinese buffet, but I might have to make a trip to the East Side of Michigan soon to try this place, because it MIGHT be Michigan's best all-you-can-eat buffet.

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No surprise, Michigan's best all-you-can-eat spot, according to Mashed, is in the Detroit area, and the east side of the state. Madison Heights is home to some incredible food spots, and surprisingly, in one of the healthier counties in the state.

Why is that surprising? Well, because one of, if not THE best buffet spot in the state also resides in Madison Heights.

Yelp/Fuji Japanese Buffet
Yelp/Fuji Japanese Buffet

Fuji Japanese Buffet is a monster of a place. Right out the gate, you know you're in for a good time, because there's a live lobster tank right inside the door. And yes, those boys are on the menu.

The fish is where it's at here, with an entire aisle full of fresh fish to pick up in the sushi selection alone, and according to Mashed...

"The selection of sea creatures runs as deep as the giant squid sleeps..."

... which I wouldn't be surprised if giant squid made the menu from time to time.

Even if fresh fish isn't your thing, they have every kind of fried, steamed, and baked food you can imagine, mussels, crab legs, and one thing that makes my southern heart happy - peel-your-own-crawfish.

Yelp/Massey's Pizza
Yelp/Massey's Pizza

Indiana and Ohio's Best Buffet Spots

Maybe you're looking for something other than seafood, and don't mind traveling some. Mashed also listed the top spots for Ohio and Indiana.

For the Hoosier State, not far from the birth place of Larry Bird himself, in Martin County, you'll ride into Amish Country to find one of the best spots in the state, Stoll's Lakeview Buffet. Traditional Amish Flavors, and an unlimited supply of comfort food. This food will stick to your ribs for DAYS.

It also happens to be the #1-rated restaurant in Loogootee on Tripadvisor.

As for Ohio, well, you'll be driving out to the Columbus-area to find Massey's Pizza. Any and every kind of pizza imaginable is on the menu and the buffet bar, but the sneaky winners of the buffet, according to Mashed are the bite-sized Italian subs, and their healthy option, pizza with the cauliflower crusts.

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