Spring in Michigan is synonymous potholes. In fact, it could be argued that a promise to "Fix the d@#n roads!" helped get Michigan's newest Governor elected. But could this nightmare inducing photo contain the biggest pothole in Michigan? Not exactly.

The hole that swallowed a large portion of a school bus in Benton Harbor is in fact a sinkhole. Benton Harbor City Mayor Marcus Muhammad said that the sinkhole was caused by a water main break under the roadway, weakening the street and causing the collapse. The mayor says there were no injuries and that emergency funds collected from the city income tax will be tapped to pay for repairs.

The bus was carrying Berrien RESA students - who typically have special needs - to homes in Benton Harbor. The bus has since been towed from the scene.

The sinkhole is located on Highland Avenue, near Hall Park. The area in question has been blocked off until needed repairs can be made.

Courtesy of Benton Harbor Mayor Marcus Muhammad
Courtesy of Benton Harbor Mayor Marcus Muhammad


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