Think you could survive a 30 foot fall into a sinkhole? Well that's what happened to "Sinker" the dog. Luckily the close call ended well for the canine after he spotted by some dudes on mountain bikes who discovered the dog while riding their bikes along "Sinkhole Trail" named after the fact that sinkholes line the trail for miles. The bikers contacted authorities and stayed with the dog keeping it company until help arrived.

Rescuers believe the dog may have been stuck in the hole for days, this according to Burke County Search And Rescue who rescued the dog in Pisgah National Forest near Ashville North Carolina.

Sinker wasn't going to go easy either. Took a tad bit of coaxing to get the dog out of the hole with rescuers tempting Sinker with some deliciously hard to resist beef Jerky to get to get him in position for the rescue.  Sinker did handle being strapped in and given the ol' 30 foot heave-ho pretty well. After examination by the Burke County Animal Services Sinker was found to be dehydrated and starving but otherwise in good shape.

In the meantime you can see Sinker looks good below. He did not have a collar or chip for identification so if the owners aren't found Sinker will more than likely be set up for adoption. Contact Burke County Animal Services if you're interested.

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