When you think about Joe Gatto from Practical Jokers, you don't expect this up-for-anything trickster to be an author. Gatto just released The Dogfather: My Love of Dogs, Desserts and Growing Up Italian on Amazon. It's part memoir, part rescue champion, and it's all heart. Gatto joined JT and Stefani to talk about his book, his love of his animals, and the one time a prank on his hit TruTv show, Impractical Jokers, almost went a little too far.

"It's like a coffee table book that goes in to personal stories of my life, about desserts and dogs, because all the dogs that I have are named after Italian desserts. I have Cannoli, Biscotti, Tartufo, Zeppole, Spumoni, Pignoli and Napolean. Those are my puppies," Gatto explained. His love of dogs, particularly rescues came a little later in life, though he did have a special dog throughout his boyhood.

"I had one dog growing up, Midnight, and I had her from when I was one until I was 17. We had her sixteen years. But my wife really got me in to rescue after we had - our first dog we actually bought, Canoli, and she had a bunch of health issues, and we educated ourselves on puppy mills and shelter animals and the need for adoption. Once we started rescuing it really then became, like - the love you feel from a rescue dog is like nothing else. They're just so appreciative and it makes you feel good, too, that you've done something wonderful for these beautiful little pups."

To listen to the complete JT and Stefani interview with Impractical Jokers star turned author, click below.

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