Detroit born actor Rob Paulsen has lent his voice to some of the most iconic cartoon characters over the last four decades. From G.I. Joe to Jimmy NeutronTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Sonic the Hedgehog, Paulsen is a favorite of cartoon fans far and wide. Two of Paulsen's most well known characters, Yakko Warner and Pinky, are back in the much anticipated reboot of Steven Spielberg's Animaniacs. Half of the new season dropped on Hulu November 20th. I got the chance to chat with Paulsen about the reboot, his time working with some of the greatest in the biz, and so much more.

"Born in Detroit. Reared in Flint. I'm Pure Michigan, Baby," Paulsen proudly proclaims first thing. Since it went off the air in 1998, a lot of fans have asked this Michigander about the possibility of Animaniacs making a return.
While people are really sweet and say, 'Hey, Mr. Paulsen if Animaniacs comes back, do you think you'd consider it?' And I understand how very sweet it is that people would say that, and I'm flattered that anyone would suggest that we're in a position celebrity-wise to even have that option. But folks, I don't draw them. I don't write them. I am a Journeyman actor. I'm a blue collar worker on the Dream Factory. Very proud to be such.
So how did it happen? How did the nostalgia train resurrect the Warner Brothers and their sister Dot?
Sam Register, the President of Warner Bros. Animation, approached Tress, Jess, Maurice, and me four years ago and said 'Mr. Spielberg is thinking about doing this again,' and as you said, we literally couldn't say YES quick enough," Paulsen explained. "And the glory of that whole experience is that Sam, the PRESIDENT of Warner Bros. Animation, and Steven Spielberg, the King of Hollywood, would say to four rank-and-file actors, 'If we do this, we're going to do it with the original cast.' And that is an impossible compliment to quantify. And here we are! How 'bout that?
How 'bout that, indeed. Check out the fantastic Rob Paulsen in the reboot of Animaniacs streaming on Hulu, and click below for the complete exclusive RKR interview.

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