Known for being the face of the reimagined Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey is no stranger to thrillers. However, his latest film, Alone, is oddly on the nose. Out now, Alone is about a man quarantining for 40 days during a pandemic. A pandemic that turns its victims in to something called a "screamer." Posey caught up with Stefani Bishop to talk about his latest project, what inspires him, and running in to Aaron Paul and Comic Con.

"We wanted to come up with a new term for 'zombies'," Posey said about the 'screamers" in Alone. "You know, people always try to come up with different ways to bring excitement to zombies, and what's cool about ours is that their last human thought and last human emotion stays with them, so there's still a little bit of humanity left in them which makes it even harder to kill them.
"We call them Screamers because they scream their last thought all the time. It's pretty intense."
Having been in and around the camera since he was 6-years-old, Posey has fallen in love with all things film. From performing to shooting, his passion is the creative process. "I love it all, honestly. I love producing, I love writing. I love it all. I really do. I just love being creative no matter what it is. Whether it's just making food or playing music or directing a movie, I love it."
Not yet a household name, Posey had a bit of a role reversal moment a few years ago. "I was at Comic Con one year, and Teen Wolf was a big, big presence at Comic Con for years. And Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, I was at a party and he looked at me and he's like 'Teen Wolf! Oh my God, you're my guilty pleasure!' And he had to get a picture with me. Which is bizarre because it would have been the other way around. That was by far a 'pinch me' moment."
For the complete interview with Tyler Posey, click below, and make sure you check out his latest thriller, Alone, streaming now.

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