30 years ago, a very different kind of horror movie was released in theatres. It featured a young Kevin Bacon, country GOAT Reba McEntire, and one of our favorite television dads, Michael Gross. Going straight from his role as Steven Keaton in Family Ties, today Gross stars in the latest sequel in the Tremors franchise, Shrieker Island. He took some time to chat about what made the original film so unique, and his upcoming projects.

Reprising his role as Burt Gummer, Gross is the only actor in the franchise to be in every Tremors film. "This is the seventh film. Three decades of good ol' Burt Gummer. I guess I'm a survivor just like he is," Gross quipped.
"It was very different in its tone," Gross said of the original film. "When you think of horror movies you think of dark haunted houses and things like this. This is almost entirely outdoors, almost entirely in daylight. "It was in the West, not in some creepy, old gothic, Eastern Victorian mansion. So it was very strange and, of course, had a great comic sense of humor, as well."
The chance to play Burt Gummer came at the perfect time in Gross' career. "It came right on the heels of seven years of Family Ties and the question for any actor in a long term series is will there be life after that character you played on the series and will it be a different sort of character, and thank god Tremors answered both of those questions in the affirmative."
As for the latest installment, Gross promises it won't let you down. "It has its eccentric moments and moments of complete silliness."
Check out the complete interview with Michael Gross below, and be sure to spend some of your Spooky Season with Tremors: Shrieker Island.

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