Once again, a Michigan creamery has been ranked among the best in America. But what do you think, are there even better spots for ice cream in the Mitten State?

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Don't get me wrong - I love Moomers Ice Cream in Traverse City! We actually got a multiple-tier ice cream cake from Moomers for our wedding! Highly recommend! Especially because prior to the wedding, we got to head out to their sprawling farm and creamery and try a TON of different flavors - yum!

Moomers Ice Cream/ Facebook
Moomers Ice Cream/ Facebook

Traverse City's Moomers Homemade Ice Cream Named Among Best Creameries in U.S.

Moomers Ice Cream is getting a shoutout on Thrillist's list of "The 40 Best Ice Cream Shops in the U.S."

Moomers Ice Cream/ Facebook
Moomers Ice Cream/ Facebook

Here's Thrillist's praise for Moomers:

Seldom do you get to eat something delicious while looking out the window at the animals that provided the ingredients, largely because there’s no quicker way to ruin a burger. But this little country creamery in gorgeous upper Michigan lets you gaze upon cows while getting down on your choice of 160 (!) amazing handmade ice creams ranging from a take on regional fave Superman called SuperMoo to cupcake and Chocolate Monster. Get your scoops in sandwich form, or buddy up on the Wholey Cow—10 scoops with every single topping—then plop down and say thanks to Bessie before you drift off into a blissful diabetic coma.

Where is Moomers Ice Cream in Michigan?

Moomers is located about five miles from downtown Traverse City at 7263 N. Long Lake Rd.

The Plummer family runs Moomers Creamery on their dairy farm - so yes, you can see the cows that produce the milk for the ice cream right there at the farm!

Moomers Ice Cream/ Facebook
Moomers Ice Cream/ Facebook

There's also a GORGEOUS sunflower field on the property. Now Moomers says that due to lack of rain the sunflowers are smaller than average this year - but still looks lovely to me!

Ice Cream You Can Get at Moomers in Traverse City

Moomers makes more than 160 flavors right there at the farm, including Michigan favorites like Blue Moon and Superman (their version is, fittingly, called "Super Moo").

My favorite flavors I've tried at Moomers are Caramel Sea Salt, Cookie Monster, and Oreo Mint Meltdown!

Moomers serves traditional cones, as well as sundaes, malts, coolers, and floats. They also have seasonal faves like this delightful pumpkin doughnut creation for fall:

Here's a look at Moomers "Wholey Cow" mentioned in the Thrillist article.

attachment-moomers wholey cow

The massive ice cream dessert was even featured on the Food Network in 2018.

Moomers is the only Michigan ice cream spot on Thrillist's list of the top 40 creameries in the country.

Do you have any other Michigan faves? Maybe one below?

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