#WednesdayWisdom In 2008 Flint Police Chief David Dicks started arrested people with sagging pants.

In fact, a new "fashion" law was passed in Flint that made it illegal to let your pants sag in public according to ReturnToManliness.com,

Flint’s interim Police Chief David Dicks (yup…that’s his name) began implementing a controversial new “sagging pants law“.  In short, let your pants sag and you will be warned, then fined, and finally put in jail if you don’t comply with this indecent exposure law.

This definitely looked like local law enforcement was targeting a specific race when they made this law.  That's why the ACLU of Michigan had this to say,

“Under no stretch of the imagination does wearing saggy pants that reveal the top of one’s boxer shorts violate the Flint Disorderly Conduct Ordinance,” said Gregory Gibbs, ACLU of Michigan Flint Branch President and Cooperating Attorney. “It is clear that the ordinance provision that is cited by the police chief requires that a person openly expose certain body parts to be guilty.  Flint residents should be embarrassed by this colossal waste of time and scarce resources.”

To add fuel to the fire a Florida court struck down the law according to MLive,

A judge in Palm Beach County on Monday called a saggy pants law unconstitutional after a 17-year-old spent the night in jail when police in Riviera Beach stopped him for riding a bike with about 5-inches of underwear exposed.

Not that my opinion matters but, I don't think law enforcement should get involved in fashion.  Unless they plan on ticketing and/or arresting people for wearing culottes and fanny packs.

I assumed by 2019 this law would have been struck down.  After searching and searching, I can't find any evidence that the law has been removed from the books yet.

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