The MLB season is now officially a month old.  With two months out to the All Star game, the ballot for this year's game has been released.

According to MLB, you can vote 5 times every 24 hours (total of 35 ballots).   Hopefully this year fans won't stuff the ballots for their favorite teams.   It has happened the past few years.

Last year the Cubs had their entire infield start in the game.   The year before that the Royals had many players start in the game.

The one thing I like about the ballots is that they include player stats. So if you are not able to catch certain teams you can see who's been hot.   It's easy to go vote for your favorite team but  I try my best to vote for the guys who deserve to be there.

I would rather see guys who are performing now than someone who isn't.


If I had to choose a Tigers player after the first month of the season I would probably vote for Justin Upton.    One star who will always get my vote (unless he is injured) is Angels Star, Mike Trout.

It is always interesting to see who gets voted in and who gets left out.    Get voting you have until June 29th to cast your ballots for the game that will be in Miami, Florida in July.

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