Michigan isn't necessarily the most dangerous state to live in but it's not the safest either. We have become accustomed to the various crimes that take place around us on a daily basis. Whether these crimes be property theft, grand theft auto, or violent crimes they are nothing new to our state.

Southwest Michigan has seen its own uptick in crime, but the one bright side our area can hang on to is that there are more property crimes than violent crimes within our area. Of course, some areas are going to have more crime than others due to population, but which cities fall where?

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We see the same trend from Southwest Michigan throughout the entire state but there are certain areas that push the violent crime numbers higher. The state of Michigan has a full report on the crimes committed within the state and have them broken down by crime, county, and many other factors.

When researching crime data online, many avenues were taken and the same conclusion was found, Southwest Michigan is relatively safe but can have its moments. One website, neighborhoodscout.com, showed some of the best statistics on how much crime is taking place in Southwest Michigan.

Cities like Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Paw Paw, Mattawan, Three Rivers, Galesburg, Portage, Vicksburg, Schoolcraft, and more are highlighted. How do you think these cities rank amongst safety within the state or country? Do you live in one of these cities, how safe do you think it is?

Here are the crime rates for cities in Southwest Michigan.

Crime Rates In Southwest Michigan Cities

Crime Statistics on cities in Southwest Michigan

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