We've spoken before about celebrities that you may run into in the Kalamazoo area and this Spring you may be able to add one more to the list with some bragging rights.

Actress Nicole Kidman will be filming a Holland, MI-based film in Holland on April 17th of 2023 and there's a chance you could be in the movie with her. The film called 'Holland, Michigan" was written by Andrew Sodroski who was also the writer and producer of the true-crime series "Manhunt," which debuted on Discovery Channel in 2017:

Set in Holland during Tulip Time, the film is described as a darkly humorous Fargo-esque thriller about a school teacher who suspects her husband may be a serial killer. The script got a buzz in 2013 when it topped the "Black List," Hollywood's list of the best-unproduced screenplays as voted on by movie executives.

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What To Know

There's no guarantee that Kidman herself will be in Holland when the crew plans to film the week of April 17th, but as she is starring in and producing the film, it's possible you may get to rub elbows with her.

If you're interested in being an extra, there is a Google Doc Sign-Up sheet you can enter your info, and the production company will reach out if there is any interest.

Extras Casting Director Jenny Rodriguez told The Holland Sentinel they'll be casting children as young as five to adults up to the age of 75.

I just put my name in the hat, so if I end up landing the job, I guess it's the big time for me...

Other Celebs in West Michigan

Did you know that actor John C. Reilly was spotted and rumored to own a home in Pentwater? Many people have run into him in the area and believe him to own a home in the area.

Jack White also owns a house in the Winchell Neighborhood as well that he purchased back in 2017, and although he lives in Nashville, the house may be a getaway for writing.

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