It's always cool when you end up rubbing shoulders or bumping into someone you never thought you'd meet in Michigan. It usually happens when an actor/actress or musician is in town for a show or filming something, but Michigan actually has some celebrity residents, and John C. Reilly may be one of them. Recently Macs Meats & Country Roads Bakery in Rothbury had a special guest, as John C. Reilly had stopped in and took a photo with some kids working there:

At the end of a busy day, not many things more fun than to watch a couple good kids get a thrill like this. And what a gracious gentleman to take a couple minutes for their sake. The boys pretty much floated thru the rest of their clean-up tonight.

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This had a lot of people in the comment section wondering where he and his family live, as many believe his home to be in Pentwater, while others, in general, loved sharing their stories of seeing him in public, with compliments on what a stand-up guy he is:

Awesome! We had him pre pandemic at Cafe 31. Nice guy. He came back the next day with friends and his sister, lol. -Tracy A

Someone even spotted him grabbing gas and thought it was a doppelganger:

That’s awesome! My wife and I saw him at a gas station in Mears and I said to her “that Mennonite looks just like John C. Reilly.”

As awesome as this is, it's always best to treat celebrities with respect, and you'll get the same back.

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