You really never know who you are going to run into around Michigan, as there are so many celebrities from the state sometimes it’s a matter of being at the right place at the right time.

That’s what happened yesterday to a family in the town of Roscommon all places, near Grayling, as apparently Actor Tim Meadows was going to Fred's of Roscommon to get us some food and they took the opportunity to take a photo.

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Fred's of Roscommon
Fred's of Roscommon

Ed and Kathy were very excited to have the talented actor Tim Meadows in the restaurant for dinner tonight! You never know who you’ll see at Fred’s of Roscommon!

There are other people around the state, who also have had runnings with celebrities, including people in Pentwater, who have had a run-in with John C Reilly, the actor, most identifiable as being partnered with Will Ferrell.

Then there is, of course our own sightings here in Kalamazoo, where every once in a while, people were running to musician Jack, white from the white stripes, as he is said to have a home in the windchill area.

It was really cool that this small restaurant was able to grab a photo with Tim Meadows, an actor who is deeply loved, and has a long list of hilarious characters and great films, dating back to his days on Saturday Night Live. He is a Michigander after all, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that we have these runnings regularly.

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