Sports are a part of the world where so many athletes are looking to make a name for themselves, enjoy the sport they love, or simply just be a part of something greater. Most athletes only get to do one or a few of these things, while others get to do all while etching their names into history and record books. Only a small percentage of high school athletes go on to play college sports and even fewer can say they are NCAA athletes.

Of those NCAA athletes there continues to be exclusive list that many athletes are striving to have their names added to. From individual trophies like the Wooden Award, Heisman Trophy, and the Tewaaraton Award to the NCAA record and history books, only the best of the best or the luckiest of the lucky, however you want to look at it, are graced with having their names stand forever. This Kalamazoo College football player is not only in the books but is the only one to achieve this goal.

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Kalamazoo College is small liberal arts college that competes at the NCAA's Division III level in the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) conference. The Hornets have been placing teams out on their respective courts and fields for over 100 years, so there has been plenty of history made and this year they have already added more.

The Kalamazoo College football teams wakes up in the wee hours of the morning and grinds away while many others are sleeping. Looking to achieve the ultimate goal of winning the conference and national championships. Although they fell short of their goal, they made many memories and achieved many things along the way, but none bigger than Madison Barch's.

Madison was already in elite company when she signed her letter of intent, moved into her dorm here in Kalamazoo, and took the practice/game fields alongside her teammates. She is one of the first female football players in the MIAA and one of the few to exist in the NCAA, she is the placekicker for the Hornets. This year, she did more than just kickoffs and field goals.

In their game against the Trine University Thunder in Angola, Indiana, Madison etched her name into the NCAA football history books forever. In the video above you can see that she was preparing to kick an extra-point when the holder bobbled the snap. She then faked the kick and leaked out the backside of the play. As the holder scrambled, he saw Barch wide open in the endzone, launching the ball in her direction.

She would come up with the catch and immediately throw her arms up in the air in celebration as her teammates began running toward her to celebrate. It is believed that Madison's two-point conversion catch are the first non-kicking points recorded by a woman in an NCAA football game.

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