April 8th was a big day for most of the United States as many people were in a position to see their first solar eclipse and many people within our region were in the path of totality. Some people made a day trip out of it and traveled to Ohio and other states to be in the path of totality and to enjoy the spectacle. Hopefully everyone was wearing their glasses but by the looks of google searches that was not the case lol.

Speaking of eclipse glasses, many people just throw them away without second thought and others set them down and forget about them. I'm sure there are some people who are keeping theirs for the next eclipse, which may not be in their path for a while. Solar Eclipse happen all over the world within a few years of each other, so there will be another eclipse halfway across the Earth and we have a chance to be a helping hand to them, courtesy of our glasses.

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There are many different avenues one may take when deciding what to do with their eclipse glasses after the event is over. Well, you can start by saving them for the next eclipse or simply keeping them as a piece of history to never forget the day. Everyone has the option to recycle the cardboard frames after removing the lenses and the best idea of them all, donate.

There are multiple companies taking donations of used eclipse glasses as they one, want to keep them from ending up in landfills all over the country, and two, they want to be able to send them to less fortunate individuals in other countries who will be experiencing the eclipse within the next couple of years.

Astronomers Without Borders, which is an international organization, will be accepting donations all over the country, joining them in collecting donations is Eclipse Glasses USA. Both companies aim to help the less fortunate experience the phenomenon and will be looking to send quality eclipse glasses to North Africa and the Middle East ahead of the 2027 Solar Eclipse.

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