Bon Jovi's rumored reunion with classic-era guitarist Richie Sambora appears to be inching closer to fruition.

Sambora, who played with the big-haired hitmakers from 1983 to 2013 and co-wrote many of their greatest hits, discussed the prospect of rejoining his former bandmates in a recent interview with the U.K.-based Absolute Radio. "We're talking about it," he said. "I don't think there's any reason not to at this point."

This update comes just three months after Sambora addressed rumors that he would join Bon Jovi at this year's Glastonbury festival, telling Metro in November, "It's a possibility. We're talking a bit."

Sambora also briefly touched on singer Jon Bon Jovi's alleged vocal issues, which were a point of discussion among fans and critics during the band's 2022 tour. "Jon was having a hard time with his voice a little bit there and he needed to take a little bit of a breather," the guitarist said. "I don't know when Jon's going to get his voice together and [when the Bon Jovi reunion is] going to happen, but we have to get out there and do it for the fans, really. I feel a second obligation."

Although he left the band in 2013 for unspecified "personal issues," Sambora insisted he still has a good relationship with his former bandmates. "You know what, there's no malice," he said. "I mean, we did something … there's not a lot of bands that did what we did. I mean, obviously, bands like the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and U2."

While he didn't come out and confirm the reunion outright, Sambora did respond affirmatively when asked if he would write new music with the namesake frontman. "Oh, if he doesn't let me, he's crazy," he said. "I'm on a tear." Sambora was also quick to note, "Actually, I did write that other [Bon Jovi] stuff, too." The rockers only settled on their name because "we just couldn't think of anything else really."

"People think that I just come up with the guitar parts and something like that," he continued. "But songwriting is conceptual. You have to have a concept. It's a story. And it can sometimes just come from looking out the window and observing. And a lot of times, it comes from your own life, and for the most part of Bon Jovi, my life was a lot [more] colorful than everybody else's in the band!"

Sambora, fresh off a stint on The Masked Singer reality singing show, is also channeling his fresh burst of creativity into a solo LP. "There's a new [solo] album coming out, probably at the end of the end of March or the beginning of April, and [it's] with [producer] Bob Rock," he said. "It's a rock record. Yeah, it's a lot of fun and the songs are good, and I'm thrilled and I can't wait to get out and play again."

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