No matter what way you spin it, certain areas in Michigan have some salty reputations for being quite dangerous. Detroit, Flint and Muskegon draw the most attention, however, one of those cities managed to avoid making this list. Place your best guess now.

Still, with such reputations being what they are, Michigan is truly no different than any other state. It has its good places and its bad. That's why, at least according to Road Snacks's data, Michigan is the 25th most dangerous state in the country. Sure, you'd like to be closer to the top 10 safest places instead, but it goes to show that reputations can be silly.

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For example, I've only lived in Michigan for a year. When I was moving from Alabama, everyone and their dog told me to be careful around Detroit and Flint and if I travel to Chicago. It's not bad advice, sure, but Alabama is actually the 12th most dangerous state in the country, which is a worse ranking than any Midwest state.

If perception can be swayed by hearsay, hopefully, facts will do a better job.

Overall, Michigan is as average as it gets when it comes to crime rates when compared to the country. Per capita, Michigan experiences roughly 1,360 property crimes and 478 violent crimes.

It might come as no surprise, but the entire top 10 is in the Lower Peninsula. Ironically enough, the safest city in Michigan is Ironwood, which is in the Upper Peninsula on the Wisconsin state line.

Road Snacks, which has in the past helped us determine the trashiest and snobbiest cities in all of Michigan, studied 205 Michigan cities with a population of at least 5,000 people. As such, the violent and property crime rates per 100,000 people determine the most dangerous cities in the state.

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