In all my years in college I never once had the thought to do what this TikToker is doing across the Midwest: Trying to get onto the football field at Division 1 universities.

As he points out in his Northwestern video, Gfed, a Lansing native content creator living in Chicago, isn't hopping fences or breaking locks. He's simply looking for open and unlocked doors that lead to the field.

Some schools, like Northwestern and Illinois, do have postings that it's a felony to get onto the field, so he doesn't test his luck too much.

Gfed is early on in his endeavor. He began at Wyoming as a random destination. Wyoming isn't known for much more than Josh Allen, so his success wasn't too startling.

@gfed33 University of Wyoming -Confirmed 🅿️ . . . . #wyoming #universityofwyoming #collegefootball #collegebasketball ♬ original sound - Gfed

That success has led to Gfed efforting in other places, particularly in the Midwest. His first trial in Big 10 country? The quiet facilities of Northwestern.

@gfed33 Northwestern - Confirmed Not 🅿️ . . . . #collegefootball#footballstadiums#footballstadium#northwestern♬ original sound - Gfed

His first effort in the Big 10 was a no-go. Being so close to Chicago, it's not overly surprising. While Northwestern's football team isn't always a contender, it is a prestigious university that would be expected to have high security.

Next up was Illinois, a prospect that looked promising as many of his followers suggested Memorial Stadium in Champaign wasn't often locked up.

@gfed33 Replying to @BadgerBdubbs University of Illinois - 🙅‍♂️🅿️ . . . . #illinois #uofi #collegefootball #collegebasketball ♬ original sound - Gfed

It was locked up for Gfed.

Notre Dame was a dud for the football field as expected, but the basketball arena showed some promise.

@gfed33 Another day another trip to a D1 athleic facilty . . . . Lets see what you got Notre Dame☘️ #notredame #ndfootball #collegefootball #collegebasketball ♬ original sound - Gfed

Once Gfed came back to his home state in Michigan, he started to pick up some more wins, starting back at home in East Lansing, Michigan State. For Spartan Stadium, he did do a full run on his own, but when he found it locked up, he called in a favor for a stadium tour.

@gfed33 Walk on challenge: TOUR EDITION Spartan Stadium . . . . #michiganstate #msu #collegefootball #footballstadium ♬ original sound - Gfed

Then there's Eastern Michigan, arguably Gfed's biggest win yet.

@gfed33 My favorite stop to date of the walk on challenge . . . . . Eastern Michigan University #emu #easternmichigan #collegefootball #collegebasketball ♬ original sound - Gfed

He managed to get onto both the football field and the basketball court out in Ypsilanti. Just like Wyoming, EMU doesn't get much respect for its athletics, but the complex is fairly modern, so it is surprising that he got into both facilities with relative ease.

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This was the video that caught my attention and many others. It sits at 3.7 million views, dwarfing much of the rest of his content which is getting hundreds of thousands of views already.

Gfed mentioned in the comments in one video that he is a Western Michigan University alum and has reached out to do a video at Waldo Stadium the right way.

He's since stopped at Purdue and Louisville and will continue on his tour for the foreseeable future it seems. He's mentioned being willing to stop in Ann Arbor for Michigan as well as heading down to SEC country.

Gotta tell you Gfed, as an alum, there's no chance you're getting into Bryant-Denny Stadium down in Alabama.

He's broadening his content by seeing how long he can stay at a stadium that he paid to get into before being asked to leave, which is just as entertaining. Here he is testing it out at Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers.

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